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  • My child has just started kindergarten and would like to play Rugby, what age can they start playing?"
    Children must be turning 6 and attendting school in the current registration year to be eligible to play in our Under 7's group.
  • What if I register my child and they decide they no longer want to play, prior to the season starting?"
    Refunds will be given on a case by case basis upon application to the Dubbo Junior Rugby Club, less the cost of any on field wear already received, e.g. socks, shorts, training shirt.
  • When is training? and where is it held?
    All training is at Victoria Park 2 & 3, with our Walla age groups (U6's, U8's & U10's) train on Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm. Junior age groups (U12's, U14's & U16's) train on Monday and Thursday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.
  • What time are the games played?
    The Walla age groups have set times and games are played on Friday night on Victoria Park 2 & 3, the draw and playing times will be released closer to the commencement of the season once registrations are finalised and playing numbers are confirmed. Our Junior age groups play on Saturday mornings, the draw and playing times will be released closer to the commencement of the season.
  • What age group do they start tackling?
    As per the Rugby Australia pathway guidelines, all age groups from Under 8s and above is tackle. Our Under 6 age group is two handed touch.
  • Is it mixed boys and girls teams?
    All teams in age groups are mixed gender up to and including Under 14s. Any girls, wishing to participate that are over this age group, please reach out to the club.
  • Does my child need to wear protective apparel?
    Yes, all age groups must wear both Headgear and Mouthguard for all contact training session and games. If a player does not bring and wear their headgear and mouthguard they will only be able to participate in non contact drills. On game day if they don't have their headgear or mouthguard they will be unable to play.
  • When will the merchandise I ordered be available for collection?
    Our supplier has an approx. 10 week turn around time, and as soon as orders are available we will advise you via our facebook pages when and where you can collect it from.
  • What if I ordered the wrong size merchandise?
    Unfortunately we have limited capability to provide exhanges as we keep limited stock on hand, so it is imperative that you attend our Welcome/Merchandise days to try any items on before placing your order online.
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